ENERGIESTRO is an innovative French company developing the technology of flywheel energy storage. Its main objective is to reduce the cost of storage, with battery technology is still too high.


ENERGIESTRO was founded in 2001 by Anne and André GENNESSEAUX and a dozen individual investors. Their initial project was to develop an innovative generator, incorporating flywheel energy storage, capable of supplying power to buildings (electricity and heat) in a completely renewable way. Although this project was a technological success, it has not resulted in commercial products because the development of renewable fuels cheaper than fossil fuels has not yet occurred. Instead solar photovoltaic energy has become the least expensive renewable energy, but with a large need for storage which ENERGIESTRO can now satisfy.


The “Solar Storage Flywheel” project (VOSS) won the « Global Innovation Contest 2030 » in 2014 


ENERGIESTRO protects its investment in research and development by international patents. In 2014 it filed an application for a flywheel made of a new material capable of reducing the cost of storage by a factor of ten.


ENERGIESTRO is supported by BPI France and Région Centre.


ENERGIESTRO is funded by individual investors: please contact us if you are interested in investing and being informed of the next fundraising event.

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